Rental marketplace introduces industry-first feature has introduced a new detail on its listings to appeal to customer demands.

All listings on will now show the current NBN status. It comes in response to overwhelming customer demand for this feature.

“Our customers have been asking for this. Whilst NBN information is already available via the NBN website, it is a cumbersome process and no one really has the time to check each property individually. What we have done is taken public information and then presented it in a format that is easier to digest for our customers,” CEO Greg Bader said.

The summary of the listing provides basic NBN information, where it is available, and if available, when it is scheduled for.

“The way we’ve incorporated the information into our site means that customers can now also filter their results based on NBN availability, much like they have been able to do with Walk Score® – neither of these are available on our competitor’s websites”, Mr Bader said.

A property will only receive a ‘NBN is scheduled’ stamp if has receive an estimated ‘ready for service’ date, otherwise the property will be marked ‘NBN status unknown’, in which case it is recommended renters check the NBN website.

Once the customer clicks on the listing, they will receive more details, including the broad technology type (fixed line, wireless or satellite) or the date if NBN connection has been scheduled. 

“I understand the general frustration from renters, people want to see as much relevant information as they can – in the one place,” Mr Bader said.

“I don’t think people actually select a property purely based on the available broadband options, but for some customers it does form part of the consideration set. It is general information that a renter can use to hopefully make a more informed decision. Choosing a new home is a huge decision, so the better informed someone is, the better for everyone.”

About a third of the listings currently on the site offer NBN connectivity.

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