The rewards tenants want

A recent survey by a national rental marketplace platform has revealed insights into the mindset of renters, who they are and the rewards they desire. conducted a survey of more than 1,000 tenants to discover more about their choices and what changes are required in the rental process.

The survey found that 35 per cent of respondents are renting because it’s the only option they can afford.

Forty-nine per cent of renters named long-term security as their highest concern in a rental situation, with 66 per cent agreeing that the rental application process is too tiring and stressful.

“We have been focusing our efforts on innovations around making the renting process more efficient and easier for all parties involved,” CEO of Greg Bader said.

Worryingly, 26 per cent of the renters said they believed they had been discriminated against or bullied by their agent or landlord.

Almost half of the renters involved said they preferred homes where pets are allowed, with 47 per cent saying it was important to them.

Seventy-nine per cent said that being able to access reviews by previous tenants before renting the property would be a great feature of a rental portfolio.

In general, the survey found a high demand for long-term leases. When the tenants were asked of the rewards they would most like to receive for being good tenants, the three top choices were receiving a discount, being allowed a longer lease (e.g. three years) and being able to have more decorating freedom (e.g. painting).

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