Landlord's house trashed by tenants

Written by Staff Reporter Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Victorian landlord has become another victim of disgruntled tenants after they trashed his rental property.

A family of six had recently abandoned the home, leaving soiled nappies, dirty dishes and rubbish scattered around the house.

Along with timber floorboards being stained with black marks and a gas heater bearing scorch marks, there had been extensive long-term water damage to the property after a leaking shower was left unreported.

The landlord, who had been leasing out his properties for more than a decade, told The Geelong Advertiser the home was in the worst condition he had ever seen.

“I was in here inspecting the place every few months and everything seemed okay,'' he said.

“It only got this bad in the past few months, so I got engineers and building inspectors to look at the place before I evicted them.

“Their number has been disconnected and I'm worried they've done a runner on me.”

While the landlord had the tenants’ bond and was covered by insurance, he would still be making a loss.

The property was leased for $320 a week and was still being paid off.

“They had good references and I did everything by the book,” he said.

“I don't know what I'm going to do or how much it's going to cost, but getting rid of the smell and mouldy plaster won't come cheap. I hope the insurance company will be able to provide good compensation.”

This news comes after two other homes were recently trashed by disgruntled tenants.

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0 #1 don 2013-08-21 12:19
Can you explain why the tenants were disgruntled? Did the tenants feel that the owner had caused them to be disgruntled and decided they should punish the owner?

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